"We're going home" were the words Leelee Satterfield had longed to say almost every single day during her stint as the proprietor of a rural Vermont inn. As a pure-bred southerner nothing seemed as foreign as living in a state where people don't bury their dead in the winter, snow drifts higher than rooftops, vampire black flies and a winter lasting well into May— a month that by any definition should be considered spring. So when her Inn was finally sold, she eagerly packed up her two daughters and headed due South; a decision made even easier considering her two-timing ex-husband was not coming with them.


Eager to start over again in her hometown of Memphis, Leelee Satterfield returns home expecting to pick up right where she left off—namely in the comfort of her three dearest friends…and the delicious peach daiquiris they regularly provide. But, as she soon learns, life doesn't work that way. The town gossips have a field day when they discover the reason for her return, not to mention the noticeable absence of her charming ex, a former college-football-star. Doing her darndest to keep her red-head held high, Leelee tries her hand at single motherhood on a much-reduced budget, and with a pompous, bully of a boss to boot— proves she had true Southern grit all along.


Chock full of a comedic cast of characters, including the return of Leelee's beloved childhood housekeeper - her second-mother Kissie, a host of harebrained nonsensical radio hosts, Elvis impersonators, and a 1980s pop heartthrob who tries to sweep Leelee off her feet—Lisa Patton returns to the laughs and sass she debuted in Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter. Still, no southern belle lets love have the last laugh—and readers will anxiously await a particular Yankee with unfinished business.


A laugh-out-loud romp around Memphis, with the heartwarming truths about coming home, Yankee Doodle Dixie is a testament to women, mothers, family and friends—in snow or sunshine, alike. Once a happy, well-adjusted wife with a personality some might consider doormatish, newly singled mom, Leelee Satterfield learns how to stand up for herself again, although this time she makes sure to trade her snow boots back in for sandals.



"Southern to the core…funny to the bone. In Lisa Patton's new novel she proves that we can go home again, and in many cases we should."

~ Fannie Flagg


"Not a beat missed when we head below the Mason-Dixon Line and pick up with Southern belle Leelee Satterfield on her ofttimes riotous but always touching quest for home, friendship and love. In this charming sequel to Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'Easter, Lisa Patton's voice leaves us laughing, crying, and definitely wanting more!"

~ Susan Gregg Gilmore, bestselling author of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen


"Yankee Doodle Dixie oozes Southern charm. From the delightfully witty dialogue and captivating characters, Ms. Patton's writing shines in this story about home, friendship, and second chances. Leelee Satterfield is a winning combination of smarts and steel magnolia fortitude, making her a heroine you can root for as she fights her way out of disaster to find true happiness. Reading this book is like sipping a peach daiquiri on your best friend's porch. So pull up a chair and stay a while."

~Karen White, New York Times bestselling author

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